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First Post, First Whiskey

Happy Whiskey Wednesday! For my first post,  I thought I would start with my first Whiskey experience, Jack Daniel's. Like many of you,  my first experience with Jack Daniel's was in Coca-Cola. The vanillin and eugenol flavors found in oak aged whiskey blends perfectly with the vanilla and cinnamon flavors in Coke. It was not until I was older, and started reducing my sugar intake, that I started to appreciate these flavors on their own and where they came from: the ingredients (mash bill), the process and the barrel(s): Mash Bill Corn: 80% Rye: 12% Barley: 8% Other: 0% Process Perhaps the most influential process for Jack Daniels is the Lincoln County Process . In LCP, the aged whiskey is filtered through sugar maple charcoal. Barrel The Jack Daniels barrel is shrouded in mystery. We do know it is toasted before charring. This brings out tones like marshmallow and coconut. Tasting Notes Nose: Sweet First: Thin Middle: Mild Warmth Finish: Smooth, Mild Tasting Wheel